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Powered On Energy, Inc was established in 2022 but our history of experience dates back to 2008. We started in the PV industry in 2008 working for the 2nd largest PV company in the United States, there, our founder earned his General Electricians License and moved on in 2012 to work for the #1 largest PV company in the United States. He excelled in both companies being a top performer in all positions. In the last 15 years he has experience in installs, maintenance, MPU's, system commissioning, preventative maintenance and was overall exposed to a vast amount of PV infrastructures. Working for these large companies they would often have to subcontract out work, to say the least we were disappointed in the quality of service that was being offered. We were often sent out to remediate all the work we subcontracted out. After witnessing the level of service that was being offered to the PV industry, we were motivated to create a company that would offer quality work from qualified individuals, a company not established on cheap work with high volume but rather allowing our quality work to build strong customer relationships. This is our story; this is what we represent in the industry. Quality work from qualified Electricians you can count on!

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